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     Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven

203 South Glenstone Ave

Springfield, MO 65802


                Why 417PRG investigated the hotel


417PRG was called in by management of the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven to check out claims that have been happening at the hotel.  It was getting so bad they were having customers staying there check out in the middle of the night due to activity.

          Claims/Findings in the Lobby/Storage/Offices


Someone died in the lobby from a heart attack.  Feelings of being watched. Strange noises from the back when up front at the check in desk. Man's voice heard.  417PRG did hear strange noises and male voices while in the attic storage even though the 2 night staff were women.  We could not locate where the noises nor the voices were coming from.  When 417PRG was in the storage attic, it felt as though whatever was there was avoiding us. When talking about this we captured an EVP saying that it was hiding from us.  We could not validate if the same male voice we captured was the one that died in the lobby or was someone entirely different.

                       Claims/Findings Room 107


Someone staying at the hotel and also staff claim the shower will turn on by itself all the time.  417PRG was not able to investigate this room due to someone already occupying it,

                     Claims/Findings Room 215


It was reported by cleaning staff that they would see a little girl looking out the window. However, by the time they would open the door, there would be no on in the room.  While we did not see the little girl, we did capture a young girl's voice in this room.  She wanted to play and apparently didn't like our investigator moving on the bed.

                       Claims/Findings Room 318


Staff claims to see lights on all the time despite turning them off. They would unplug the lamps to avoid the lights to come on.  They would see lights on again and go in to find the lamps plugged back in.  One time the lights were on and the table had been moved like someone broke in.  So they did a key audit and no one had entered that room between the time it was cleaned and the time they re-entered the room to find it re-arranged.  417PRG was not able to investigate this room due to a couple that was staying in that room. However, while back at command central, which was the room right next door we would hear noises and people talking in that room. However, come to find out the couple staying there was in Branson for shows and such.  They came back late that night. Some of us got to talk to them while back at command center. Nice people they were, but still a mystery on what was making the noises and voices.

                      Claims/Findings Room 319


Someone was killed in the room and a little girl seen in the room. Someone staying in the room claims to have carried on a conversation with someone one night but didn't know who. We didn't capture anything about the person that was supposedly killed in the room nor the little girl. However, captured an EVP as our investigators were talking about leaving the heat on that sounds like an elderly person. 

         Claims/Findings Room 409 (The Elvis Room)


A woman was sitting at the vanity doing her hair and nightly beauty ritual when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a dark shadow standing behind her. She then immediately went to the front desk to get a new room or to check out. We did find evidence that this happened. However, the shadow figure was only trying to help her. We did not find any evidence that Elvis stayed in that particular room. However, we did capture the likeness of Elvis' voice in the room. From evidence, we found out he stayed in either 2 or 10. Staff was not able to say where the rooms 2 or 10 would have been due to the remodel of the hotel and adding of new rooms since then.   

                     Claims/Findings Room 420


A funky smell and an overall feeling of creepiness and being watched.  We attributed the smell to it being an older hotel room and a smoking room. We observed high EMF which we feel can be contributed to the creepiness feel.  We captured what sounds like notes or a xylophone when no one was in the room nor the rooms next door. We would like to further find an explanation on why there were musical notes being played in the room.

417PRG Evidence of the investigation on Dec. 14, 2013

If the videos do not load for you, we do have them posted on our YouTube channel. We have posted the links to them on YouTube so you may click on the link and still view the videos.

Video #1 - EVPs - Best Western Video #1



Video #2 - Video evidence/EVPs - Best Western Video #2