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Quotes We were amazed in the quality and quantity of evidence that was presented to us. We knew something was there. They just validated it. We got some answers to questions we have had too. They are welcome back anytime. Quotes
Private Business

Quotes My brother can't thank you guys enough for coming out. He would like to report no more activity. Quotes
2014 case

Quotes "We are so thankful to the 417PRG team for coming out to investigate our home. We got the pleasure of sitting in on the investigation and seeing them work first hand. They are very professional even in intense situations. Although our investiation left us with more questions than answers in the beginning; Heather stuck by us. We often talked on a daily basis. She helped answer any questions we had and provided temporary solutions. I loved that she was honest with us even if she didn't have the answer. Our house and property have both been cleansed and we have taken steps to make sure nothing negative enters our lives. We didn't know how much our lives were being affected until the entity was gone. We have Heather, Matt and their team to thank for bringing peace back into our home." Quotes
S & AC

Quotes I wanted to share how phenomenal and profession this group is. To think that these investigators do this for free and take time away from their families and lives is amazing. My 70 year old mother has been experiencing so many things that we just can't explain. Heather, Holly and Matt were so gracious to come help her. I have no idea yet if anything was found (hopefully not) since it just happened, however, they made her feel so much more at ease. They were able to explain many alternate explanations to her that made sense. I would recommend them to anyone who is questioning something in their house....great people. Quotes
Jan 26, 2013 Investigation

Quotes We had 417 Paranormal Research Group out to do an investigation at our home due to unexplained occurrences we had been having. They conducted themselves professionally. They were honest and straight forward about their findings. Because of their rational and scientific approach ton investigating, we had confidence the captured phenomena was authentic. I would recommend Heather, Matt, and their team to anyone who has a problem or situation at their home or business. They let us know what we are dealing with and how to handle it. We feel better since they came out. Quotes

Quotes I would like to thank you for coming out and doing your investigation. It is a relief to know that I am not crazy and something IS actually there. Thank you!!! Quotes
Anonymous Client

Quotes I'm not speechless but shocked at the amount of things u caught... I'm very thankful you came our family is much better. My daughter and my boyfriend are getting along great now that you've been here. Before none of us got along very well. I was considering leaving him before the investigation because we couldn't get along & now we never argue. It's like night & day difference. I am glad the other paranormal group helped in finding you. I can't imagine still going through all that. Thank you. Quotes
Anonymous Client

Quotes After several years of living with noises, sounds, things moving around, shadows, etc, and doing a lot of research on our house our own, 417 came in and set their equipment and conducted their investigation in a professional manner. They came back several months later to re-investigate, The 2nd time they investigated, I participated with them and was again impressed by their professionalism and knowledge, the quality of their equipment, The results of the investigation are posted on their website as The Old Ebert Place, I believe. You can hear voices, including one who stated his favorite cookie was chocolate chip and another saying they needed to shut off the light or shut the door.... I would (and have) referred anyone who has issues in their home to call 417 and ask for assistance. Understanding what is going on in your home is the key to peace- if you know that there is no danger, that you are simply sharing your home on a different level than those who have moved on, you adjust Quotes
Michele and Fred Harvey