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  • "We were amazed in the quality and quantity of evidence that was presented to us. We knew something was there. They just validated it. We got some answers to questions we have ha..."
    Private Business
  • "My brother can't thank you guys enough for coming out. He would like to report no more activity."
    2014 case
  • ""We are so thankful to the 417PRG team for coming out to investigate our home. We got the pleasure of sitting in on the investigation and seeing them work first hand. They are v..."
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           2013 INVESTIGATIONS
Best Weastern Route 66 Rail Haven - Springfield, MO - Dec. 14, 2013
This will be a closed investigation.  No tag-a-longs will be allowed.
Findings: Claims of a little girl looking out the window at people passing by. Although we did not get a photo or video of this little girl, we did capture her voice in the room this was said to happen on an EVP. Several EVPs in that room plus others point to an intelligent haunting. We could not confirm the claims of someone being touched in one of the rooms.  We did confirm a claim of a spirit being seen in the office area with the voice on EVP.  We also confirmed a spirit presence of a spirit in the "famous" room with capturing their voice on EVPs.
 417PRG Opinion: First of all I have to say. This place was iconic and amazing!  Activity is definitely happening here. Borderline haunted.    
Walnut Private Residence Follow up - Springfield, MO - Dec. 7, 2013
Follow-up Cleansing. No tag-a-longs will be allowed.
Findings: The entity was confined to a mirror until further studies and/or priests consulted/arrive to get rid of it.
417PRG CASA - Springfield, MO - Nov. 23, 2013

 417PRG New investigator's training.
Findings:  Whistling and knocks heard. Several EVPs 
 417PRG Opinion: Coming soon  


***The ones listed above is with the NEW 417PRG Team members.  In October 2013, four of our team members left to start their own group. We still had three investigators (including the two founders).  We did a mass hire/ invite and got another good team. We wish the old team members nothing but the best. We hope they have happy hunting/investigations.***

Olivia Apartments - Joplin, MO - Sept. 28, 2013
This will be a joint investigation with Heartland Paranormal Research Organization (HP RO).  We have not investigated with them before, and looking forward to it. :)

Findings: Coming soon
 417PRG Opinion: Haunted   
Private Business - Willard, MO - Aug. 18, 2013
This will be a closed investigation.  No tag-a-longs will be allowed.
Findings: Several shadows seen in the business during the investigation. Several EVPs obtained.
 417PRG Opinion: Intelligent haunting.  
Walnut Private Residence - Springfield, MO -             Aug. 10, 2013
Due to the possible extreme nature of this case, this will be a closed investigation.  No tag-a-longs will be allowed.  
Findings: Cleansing of the residence and banishment of the entity warranted. 
 417PRG Opinion: Inhuman spirit claims confirmed. There is enough evidence to say it is inhuman, but not enough to say it is a demon. We will be doing follow ups to confirm if truly a demon or not.
UPDATE: After numerous visits to the home we had to have the Catholic church out.  It was confirmed a demon. You can see Dec. 7, 2013 for the follow-up. Please see May 24, 2014 for final report.  
Nettleton Private Residence - Springfield, MO -         June 22, 2013
This will be a closed investigation.  No tag-a-longs will be allowed.  
Findings: Shadows seen in one of the bedrooms, white orbs seen over investigators head as she felt "tingling", several EVPs obtained. 
 417PRG Opinion: Enough evidence to say there was something there, but not enough to say it was haunted. 
Apache Private Residence - Springfield, MO -             May 25, 2013

 This will be a closed investigation.  No tag-a-longs will be allowed. 
 Findings: No video. Several pertinent EVPs.
 417PRG Opinion: Intelligent haunting. More than likely go away once the answers/message to the client is dealt with. 
Old Closed Hospital - Undisclosed Location, AR -       May 11, 2013 
This was 417PRG Founder's Honeymoon.  Yes, you read that right.  They did an investigation for their honeymoon. Was fun times by all on the way down there and while there. 
 We did this May 18, 2012 and are looking forward to returning here. This will be a joint investigation with Dusk 2 Dawn Investigations (based out of Independence, MO). This is a tag- a - long case.  However, it is limited to friends and family.  

 Findings: Coming soon
 417PRG Opinion: Haunted. Intelligent and residual hauntings 
Crookshank Residence - Aurora, MO - April 13, 2013
 This is the reschedule of the tag-a-long we were suppose to have last October. So yes, this means this investigation will be a tag-a-long. We are greatly reducing the price for for tag-a-longs on this case. It will be $10 CASH ONLY per person. 
Findings: COMING SOON 
 417PRG Opinion: Haunted 
Kendrick House - Carthage, MO - March 9, 2013
For some of the group, it had been since 2008 since we investigated this place.  It was also with our old group.  This was the first time 417PRG investigated it as a group. This was a tag-a-long case.
Findings:  Numerous EVPs. Chanting heard when no one was chanting. Uneasy feeling. No children's laughter heard this time. The ball of light did not appear this time as the last time we were there. 
 417PRG Opinion: Intelligent and residual haunting. Haunted.

Private Residence follow up - Nevada, MO -               Feb 23, 2013

 Findings:  Whatever was there after cleansing the house the first time, was back in the house.  We cleansed the house again. This time we did the property too.  It is up to the clients to tackle and truly want it gone.

UPDATE: The client had a priest out and the entity is gone! 

Private Business/Office - Springfield, MO - Feb. 9, 2013

Findings:  Full bodied apparition seen and EVP captured at same time. Unexplained loud noises heard. Unable to debunk claims. Several intelligent responses caught on EVPs

 417PRG Opinion: need further investigation to confirm if truly haunted. 

Old Monterey Private Residence - Springfield, MO -   Jan. 26, 2013 

**Emergency Investigation** 


Findings: Few noises heard.  Some of the claims debunked. 3 EVPs.  No video evidence was captured. Some EVPs captured. 

417PRG Opinion: Enough evidence/experiences to say there is something there.  Not enough evidence to say it is haunted. 

Private Residence - Nevada, MO - Jan. 12, 2013

Findings: Many of you have heard about this case.  Yes this case was not your typical case.  This was a severe case.  I would like to stress that this type of case is very far and few between. One of our investigators became under the influence of someone or something that was unseen.  Voices, noises, footsteps heard. General feeling of hopelessness and creepiness. Exorcism of our investigator and emergency house blessing/cleansing had to be done. Due to extreme cold and other bad weather, return to cleanse the property was scheduled for a later date. Tons of EVPs.  Due to the nature of this case, and for the privacy of our clients, the video and picture evidence will NOT be released. 
417PRG's Opinion: Haunted