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  • "We were amazed in the quality and quantity of evidence that was presented to us. We knew something was there. They just validated it. We got some answers to questions we have ha..."
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  • "My brother can't thank you guys enough for coming out. He would like to report no more activity."
    2014 case
  • ""We are so thankful to the 417PRG team for coming out to investigate our home. We got the pleasure of sitting in on the investigation and seeing them work first hand. They are v..."
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          2011 INVESTIGATIONS 
     Private Residence - Springfield, MO - Oct. 01, 2011


Per request and for the privacy of the clients, there will be no evidence posted from this investigation.

Findings: Several EVPs  

417PRG Opinion: Not enough evidence to say there is or isn't something there.

2nd & Elm Railroad Hotel - Piedmont, MO - July 9, 2011      Investigation done with SouthWest Ghost Finders.

Findings: Something being thrown (either a marble or stone) at investigators.  EVP's.    Smell of perfume detected in one of the rooms. Picture of the shadow of a man standing behind  Heather. 

417PRG Opinion: Haunted.